Blueprint Videos for Painters (Pilot)

Nothing to post on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok?

Paint by Number Video is an affordable way to get a new custom video to show off your business every single week!

Contractors, it's time to finally start showing up online and on social media with video!

Video is what's getting people's attention when they scroll through their phones on the couch at night! Plain social media posts, pictures, websites, and ads aren't enough anymore - you need video.

And we've developed a super simple way to get completely unique and custom video for your business each month without the expense of hiring a film crew.

Each month you'll receive a new video "blueprint". It has a list of simple shots anyone in your company can take using their phone. Then we turn it into something amazing that you can post and share everywhere.

You don't need any experience with video or special equipment. It's quick, and we're always available to answer questions. We're here to help your team implement this so it's off your plate completely.

It's like paint by numbers! We give you the list of shots (anyone can take using their phone) - then we turn it into an awesome video that shows off your business! If you're too busy to get the shots, we can put something together using the footage / pictures we already have - that way you always have something to go out.

Some of the different styles of videos we can make include:

This service is designed to give you regular custom video without the headache.

Our blueprints are short and simple - anyone can follow them. We also give checklists and suggestions for getting the videos out there - on social media, YouTube, newsletters, ads, emails - even show it or send it to prospects before you give an estimate!

You get regular content that is real, fresh and relevant.

Build a video library on YouTube and on your website (this also helps SEO, YouTube is owned by Google)

Feed your social media accounts (including reels)

It's easy to manage and affordable.

We're currently offering two options

During our pilot program we're waiving the $200 one time setup fee (where we develop your branding look and feel, choose font, music, etc).

Start here - sign up to receive your first video blueprint for free. See how it works, then you can decide if you would like to try working with us.

There's no cost, no obligation, just an email address.

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Who are we?

My name is Mike Defern. My wife / partner Heather and I have been running Zen Mantis for over 12 years, specializing in video for small business, especially contractors (we even won a couple awards!)

Our approach is rooted in authenticity and we take it to heart whenever a client trusts us to capture the essence of their company and their people

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