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Our specialty is documentary-style, first impression films. We coach you and guide you from behind the camera. It's basically just a conversation, focused on helping you present your most comfortable and authentic self.

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We're a husband and wife team, local Nashville videographers (we work all over the country as well, and we offer editing-only services). We're easy to work with and can also provide still photography. We'll help you with what to say and then help you say it conversationally. We'll make you look and feel good, so when people watch this video they are primed to want to do business with you. We can film at our place or yours. Let's talk. 203-665-8874 or

Nashville video production - Zen Mantis

"I love working with Zen Mantis. You'll go from a fun conversation while they set up, to realize they are already done before you even knew the recording took place. Zen Mantis has a way of pulling out the best version of you, without you even knowing it! "-Greg Pihs

"Heather and Michael have done multiple corporate videos for our company - unique ability to listen and harness all details to create an amazing product. Great people - trustworthy" -Bill Van Horn

They have a town named after them! Gilman Brothers

Bill VanHorn, Gilman’s sales director, wanted to start using video to share new products with his customers. Like many manufacturers, they did some in-house video with him presenting (on video) the way he would if he was in person. But he wanted something with better quality, so he brought us in. We did a few product videos which he was very happy with, but he really loved how we pushed him to dig deeper and go off script in one particular segment. That turned into a larger project a few years later where we spent nearly a week walking the plant and interviewing people, as if we were making a documentary. We were blown away by how happy everyone was who worked there! It’s not the most glamorous job, it’s hard work - but there’s real community and culture, and I think we were able to authentically portray that feeling. To this day, this has been one of our favorite projects. Bill and his team show it at every sales appointment because it makes you feel good about Gilman Brothers. Most of their customers will never physically tour the plant, but this video gives them a genuine experience of the level of care and integrity behind the product. We couldn’t have scripted the humanity that was captured in this video!

Find out more about Gilman Brothers, manufacturers of foamboard products for signage, display and graphics

Brunswick School - “That’s why we do what we do”

How will prospective students and parents know about all of the amazing things going on at your school unless you show them? We’ve worked for years with Brunswick, capturing events and producing videos for annual giving and the career center. This particular video was a fun challenge in terms of capturing audio. We wanted it to be completely unscripted - there was a moderator asking questions to the group. But how do you get good audio for every single person when you don’t know who is going to speak or when … and we didn’t have the room for a boom operator … and we didn’t have time to put a lav on each person ahead of time. Our workaround was to strategically place mics under the tables!

Independent college prep school for boys in Greenwich CT - Brunswick School

My Jump! - Gerald's Bucket List Wish

Veteran Gerald Hennessee, 81, from Nashville, TN takes to the air to fulfill a bucket list wish.

We had a lot of fun helping My Jump! produce this video ... they're kind of like make a wish for senior citizens. And I was happy to let Heather go up in the small plane while I stayed on the ground =)

I think we got some great coverage with just the two of us, and I enjoyed the challenge of putting this story together with minimal planning. Besides, it's hard to script the great moments when working with "real people" (non actors)!


A Photographer's Nightmare Short

Ambrosi Cutlery

Greg Pihs - Speaker Reel / Event Video

"Mike and Heather are easy to work with, do awesome work, and most important, they show up!"

We can help cover your next Nashville, TN business conference, luncheon, seminar, or other speaking event. Video and/or photography. We also specialize in short form documentary business video when you need an unscripted genuine glimpse into your business, giving people a true sense of what it's like to work with you, or work for you.

Greg Phis - NLP trainer and professional speaker with a focus on trauma

And These Too

Who doesn’t love puppies? eFENCE1 Pet Containment

Drew, the owner of eFENCE1, came to us with a problem. He was very upset because there’s a new player in his market who has a company name very similar to his, and seems to be doing subpar work while riding the coattails of Drew’s 30 year stellar reputation. Luckily, there was a big opportunity for content (Drew had not been very active on the internet). Over a 4 day stretch we interviewed maybe a dozen of his past customers, partners, along with Drew and his staff. We were able to build a story organically as we heard first hand why everyone loved this company. It was especially eye opening for Drew, to hear first hand how much he has impacted so many families. In the end, we produced this core home page video but also about 40 additional shorts which are currently being dripped onto youtube, social media, and the website over the next few months. Over just a few shooting days, we’ve created tons of content, and it’s all real, warm, and personal. Drew’s competition doesn’t stand a chance!

Find out more about eFENCE1 Pet Containment

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